Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Our little Virtuosa!

I found this violin ornament in my mom's junk-filled garage. Eve immediately knew what to do with it! She must be paying attention when I teach :) My mom said I can take home the violin on which I learned to play...it's only slightly bigger than this ornamental violin. Maybe I'll give Eve a few lessons when her attention span increases beyond 1 1/2 seconds.


  1. So exciting! Every time I play my violin Natalie asks to learn. I can't wait to teach her, and I love that she is already showing an interest in it. Little Eve will be a great violinist like her momma I'm sure. I love her hair! All those curls!

  2. Oh boy, I'm dying at the cuteness. Oh Es, I wish Hazel and Eve could be best friends. Lets at least be skype friends. Search for me under bexylou101, and skype me as early in the day as you can. Love you.