Sunday, November 7, 2010

The things babies find hilarious...

Sometimes Eve finds the most random things to be funny. I love when she totally catches me off guard by cracking up at something unexpected. For example, an empty yogurt container:

Blast from the past!

So, I probably should have uploaded this a few months ago, but it's still cute. This is Eve learning to sit and stand, and it also has a bit of footage of her most recent achievement: walking!

Eve's new language

Eve has decided to pass on both English and Farsi. Instead, she communicates via an interesting combination of yodeling and sticking her tongue out.

Eve's first steps

I don't know how it happened, but Eve grew up :(
Soon she will be a toddler, and then she will move out and go to college. Sniff.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Look who can climb the stairs!

Sometimes I am too lazy to be a good mother. For instance, for the last few weeks, Eve has been climbing down the two stairs that separate our kitchen and family room head-first, and I haven't made the effort to correct her. Instead, I just put a bunch of padding at the bottom of the stairs and watched as she landed on it. She didn't get hurt...very often.

However, I decided that I had better not let her get too attached to this bad habit, so the other day, Keyvan and I spent about 20 minutes teaching her how to go down the stairs by herself. I was amazed by how fast she caught on. She still doesn't do it right every time, but I think she did pretty well: